This one is easy: Capture one or more animal tracks in the snow.

tracks hole snow forest photography prompts

This one is harder: Capture one or more animal tracks inside another track, inside a hole, or inside some other animal sign in the snow.

snow tracks hole winter wildlife evidence photography prompts

tracks hole snow chipmunk


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Photography & Nature
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If you live where there is snow, try to locate not only a set of clear tracks, but also investigate to see if there are any tracks inside of other tracks, inside a hole, or at least overlapping each other. Spice up the tracking adventure — what other novelties can you find? Tracks on a log? On a treetrunk? Tracks that end suddenly? How about other signs of animal activity such as chewed and discarded nut shells or pine cones?

If you do not live where there is snow, or if it is simply the wrong season, lay out a thin layer of white flour in several places near your home or workshop area. Try areas of smooth concrete, mud, or rock. Try “squeeze” areas, where animals may be forced to walk a narrow strip, such as between two buildings. Try areas near water or surrounding bird feeders or deer licks. Try laying out some seed, fruit, or other tempting tidbits to one side of your floured areas. Return with a camera, especially in the early morning or evening hours.
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