What positive character traits or positive habits do you possess?
What traits define you? Which ones help you to reach your goals?

Remember: Imperfection is the new Perfect — Freedom is being REAL!!


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Writing & Self-Awareness Prompt
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Make a list of at least a dozen positive traits you have attained. If you need help, try using the printable list of 240 Character Traits & Habits for more ideas. How many on that list of 240 do you currently possess, at least to some degree?

On your list of traits, go back and put a star or other symbol by 2 or 3 traits that are the most helpful in reaching your goals. Do you need Patience the most, followed by Wisdom? How about Adaptability, Flexibility, or Professionalism? As an artist, do you need to hold tight to your Motivation, your Humor, or your Vision?
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240 positive character traits habits self goals list printable free

Click here to view the entire list of 240 Positive Character Traits & Habits (in printable format!)


In her book, “Made to Crave“, author Lysa TerKeurst gives us one of my favorite quotes:

Don’t let people’s compliments go to your head,
and don’t let their criticisms go to your heart.

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Art Prompt
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Focus on the second line in the quote above, and combine that concept with the importance of those 2 or 3 character traits you listed as most essential to reaching your goals. These are some of the treasures of your heart. Don’t let anyone steal them or convince you that they are not yours — guard your heart against criticism, and protect these private assets!

Design a collage or other visual reminder of your vital traits. Show them inside your heart, and your heart being shielded from attack. In the example below, I have listed my most important traits (Courage, Hope, and Joy) and covered them with a hard plastic “shield” of rigid transparent plastic.
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art project prompt idea joy courage hope heart protect

Simple visual reminder made with paper, sticker letters, fancy yarn, and a see-through yogurt lid as a protective “shield”, held aloft by sticky squares (pre-cut mounting foam pieces).

detail mixed media art heart character traits

hide in heart joy courage hope art project idea



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