Do you feel you should know more than you do? Does it seem like the topics of genetics and DNA seem to pop up in even the most casual discussions lately? Have you heard the term EPIGENETICS, and thought to yourself that you don’t even understand “regular genetics”?

Fortunately, there are many free and accessible resources available to bring you up to speed. And if you are a homeschool parent, you and your children can use some of these resources to learn together!

Of course, today there are important medical and mental health reasons for understanding genetics, and for being aware of the genetic history of your own family. Take a look at this screenshot from Genes in Life, and click it to read more on that site:


Khan Academy is a great place for adult learners to expand their knowledge and skills. Khan Academy has partnered with 23andMe to produce a series of 5 YouTube videos to explain the basics of genetics:

You can find more on 23andMe’s YouTube Channel.
And there is also a 23andMe website with more helpful learning tools.

In addition, Khan Academy hosts a series of learning modules called Classical and Molecular Genetics, using a mix of video and text for reading and learning.


I really enjoy Khan Academy, and I appreciate all that can be learned on YouTube as well, but being the intellectual nerd that I am, I prefer a good, thorough Great Courses over just about any other source of learning, and they do have a 24-lecture course called Understanding Genetics, taught by David Sadava, PhD.:

[a subscription to Great Courses Plus costs about $20USD/month after a 1 month free trial]


Here are two more online (but FREE) readable texts with some diagrams, to help you understand the basics of genetics:

DNA and Genes by Ambry Genetics:


Help Me Understand Genetics by the U.S. National Library of Medicine:


And a few more recommended resources on genetics:
Genetics Debates Topics
Your Genome Debates
All About Genetics from Kids Health
eSchoolToday: Genetics
NeoK12: Genetics
Genetics for Non-Scientists books on GoodReads


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