Mix up a digital version of physical paints!

Golden brand offers several cool tools and informative pages for artists.
The Virtual Paint Mixer allows you to select a color — even from within one of your own photos — and get ideas of how to mix up that color using Golden acrylic paints.



You can also select your favorite version of Golden paints — heavy body, fluid, open, or high flow — and mix together two or three individual colors in different proportions, to see what color you get. This can save a lot of wasted paint! Instead of mixing the colors on your palette, try mixing them first in the Virtual Paint Mixer, to see what ratios of each color you will need, to get as close as possible to the color you’re looking for.



You can even type in an RGB or CMYK specification to see suggested color combinations to achieve it… or click on the “numeric” tab to see the RGB or CMYK values for the paint color you just mixed.



Also on the Golden website, you can see all available colors by type — heavy body, fluid, open, or high flow — and compare two or more close colors within a certain type, or compare two or more types of the same color!



Here is the same color, in two different versions! Notice the difference in transparency (coverage):
[click to view larger]




You can also explore different mediums and gels made by Golden, either on their site
…or closeups of 20 different types on my site, No Wrong Art! 😀





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