Have you noticed that when you are doing GREAT in one area of your life, other areas tend to lag behind, even to the point of neglect? If not, I wish you could be my mentor!

Here’s a little art project to help choose and keep one area of focus firmly in your view — and to remind you of where everything else lies in relation to it.

self help art prompt simple wheel of focus

Visualize a ship’s wheel — the part used for steering. Just like on our cars (and so much like our lives), there can only be one part of that wheel that is dead ahead at any given time. If you placed a sticker at the top of the wheel — the 12 o’clock position — you would have a “sight” to focus on — and as long as it’s in the “home” position (full speed ahead!), you can be certain of your path AND your destination. But what happens when you abandon your goal long enough to put something ELSE in its place?

Volumes have been written on the importance of clarity — choosing one single goal and putting all your effort into that one dream. Even if you decide to work on several smaller goals at once, there should always be at least one that takes center stage — THE main focus for the day, the month, the year.

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Art Prompt
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Create a visual reminder of the one goal — or up to 8 goals — that you wish to keep in focus.
Here is a printable Wheel of Focus to get you started — or refer to any of the 3 varieties below for inspiration.
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detail art project wheel of focus
A close-up of the singular focus of the wheel from above. A simple design like this can be hung on a wall as a visual reminder of one long-lasting commitment to yourself.


wheel of focus color fun printable self management goals

The printable Wheel of Focus, enhanced with colored pencils and decorated with whimsical stickers. The 8 areas of focus here are simultaneous, and the wheel serves as a reminder to focus on one thing at a time AND to not neglect any areas.

Try this: Print the wheel on thick paper like cardstock and cut it out. Write a single goal in each segment, and cut a small X in the center (about the diameter of a thin pencil). Attach the wheel at its center to another thick piece of paper or cardboard, using a metal brad. Place something decorative on the paper at the 12 o’clock position. Now you can turn the wheel as your goals change, reminding you to focus on one thing at a time. OR you can use it as a manipulative tool to CHOOSE a main goal, “testing” each one in the main position, really seeing what ELSE you must lay aside temporarily. This is also a great wheel for having an alternating weekly goal or focus.


blank wheel of focus round art project goals self management improvement

Step One of a third variety of wheel – this one more permanent and reusable!

The spokes are glued to the background paper, but the circles are affixed using raised sticky dots or small pieces of foam tape, placed in the very center of the wheel and between the spokes. This allows for 8 goals to be moved around in any order, and to be removed as they become habits or are completed. Small dabs of blue poster adhesive (like low-tack gum) can be used to hold each strip of paper in place, providing a disposable way to cycle through goals!

tasks self management wheel of focus africa elephant round goals display art project prompt

detail wheel of focus goals slide pockets spokes

Step Two shows this Wheel of Focus fully fitted with 8 goals on interchangeable strips of paper along its spokes. The goal strips slip under the wheels, which are raised using sticky dots, foam tape, or blue poster adhesive between the spokes. Change out the goals as they are completed or become outdated.



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