When you are unhappy, discover what you are clinging to, and let it go.
— Jan Chozen Bays

jan chozen bays mindfulness unhappiness happiness let go
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I got this quote from Jan’s book on mindfulness, “How to Train a Wild Elephant“. The book is easy to read, containing 53 lessons or “simple daily mindfulness practices for living life more fully and joyfully”. Each lesson has its own chapter, and each chapter is broken down into these sections: The Exercise, Reminding Yourself, Discoveries, Deeper Lessons, and Final Words. These describe the mindfulness exercise and how to remind yourself to do it, plus some insights into WHY this exercise is helpful or important, and what ELSE can be learned from the practice or how ELSE to apply the lesson to your life.

Does it work? Well, I’d have to say that learning to let things go and just accept what IS has made a profound impact on my own life — and I am still learning! This book along with several others helped me learn, and I do use some concepts from this book, modified to fit my own personal life. 🙂

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Center for Mindful Eating
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