People of all ages are finding their strengths through nature!

The Wilderness Awareness School was first founded in 1983 in New Jersey, but now makes its home across the US in Washington State. A world-renowned leader in outdoor education, this non-profit organization hosts all kinds of opportunities to learn about nature and yourself, from their online eCourses through various types and lengths of courses at their location on the west coast. Programs for both children (age 4 and up) and adults are offered, on topics such as wild edible plants, wolf tracking, knife and knot skills, and wilderness survival.

The Wilderness Awareness School website also features a number of nature-related articles and other resources, including ideas for parents to help children become more nature-aware. The founder of the Wilderness Awareness School, John Young, also published an amazing book called Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature — highly recommended! 😀

Here are some sample screenshots from the Wilderness Awareness School website. Click to view larger.


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