Explore this Geological Wonder of the Rocky Mountains!

When I was a young child, my parents, a couple of my sisters, and I all took a summer trip to see some of the sights out West. While I do remember Mount Rushmore, the Four Corners, and Universal Studios, what stands out the most by far is Yellowstone National Park.
I vividly remember playing in the snow in my shorts, waiting for Old Faithful to erupt, and feeling absolutely amazed at the colored hot springs and crazy bubbling mud pools. I also remember the small herds of bison, both on the road and grazing in the fields beside it.
Yellowstone National Park is located along the continental divide, in the northwestern corner of the state of Wyoming, where it meets Montana and Idaho.

Sitting atop one of the most geologically active hotspots of the United States, Yellowstone is packed with natural wonders such as those I experienced. In fact, Yellowstone contains HALF of ALL the world’s geothermal features, including about 300 geysers. The park is also home to the highest concentration of large mammals on the continent — bears, wolves, elk, moose, bison, and even wolverines and lynx. Yellowstone was the world’s FIRST national park, established in 1872.

Enjoy this small gallery of Yellowstone photos, and click any pic to view larger. 😀


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If you cannot visit this natural wonder personally, I highly recommend this 3-part video series, Yellowstone by BBC:



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